Rules of Survival

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The celebration of RULES OF SURVIVAL’s First-Year Anniversary is officially starting! From November 7th, revolutionary updates and amazing gifts await you in game!
- Daily Login Diamonds
- Top-up Get 30% Bonus
- Valuable VIP System
- Anniversary Carnival
- Classic and Advanced Supply Discounts
- 1 Million Dollars Ca$h’n Shoot
Lite version and Ultra version are also on their way! IT’S PARTY TIME!

Welcome to the brand new RULES OF SURVIVAL arena, where the deathmatch has now been raised to a thrilling epic scale! This is a Battle Royale game now played by over 230 million people worldwide.

May we present you with a fully upgraded new 8x8 km map that allows 300 players to battle on a wide variety of terrains. Only one will survive!

Beware, your safe zone is shrinking! So collect scattered weapons, arm yourself to the teeth, and wield your tactics like no other.

Alert !!! It is not just any survival game. You will re-write the RULES OF SURVIVAL!
Come embark on a world-class battle royale NOW!

【Game Feature】
Run or Fight!
- Absolute fair play in a massive HD map.
Last Man Standing!
- Solo or team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle.
Pick up and Use!
-Wide variety of firearms and accessories.
Fast and Furious!
- Drive vehicles across different terrains.

Click “Help” in-game to contact us if you need help.

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Twitter: @RoS_Mobile ; @RoS_JPofficial
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  • Publisher NetEase Games
  • Category Games
  • Release 2017-11-14
  • Update 2018-12-06
  • Bundle ID com.netease.chiji
  • Version 1.0.52
  • Size 1.77 GB
  • Support Website
  • Language English
  • Rating 17+
Icon & Title Version Update Release Note

Rules of Survival

1.0.52 2018-12-06

- From December 10 onwards, devices belonging to players found to be hacking will be blocked, restricting said devices from logging into the game.
- The ‘Jump Together’ function has been added. When players team up they can choose to follow a teammate before exiting the glider to ensure that everyone’s jump site is the same. Players can stop following players during the descent phase of a jump;
- Rifles: 8x scopes can no longer be attached to rifles and machine guns;
- Scopes: Simplified the unscope animation. Unscoping will skip the unscope animation;
- Improved the auto-open door experience. The response range for this function has been increased;
- Improved the auto-pick up experience. The amount of items automatically picked up will not exceed the set limit corresponding items;
- Attached scopes will no longer be replaced with scopes that were just picked up;
- Camera angle when getting out of a vehicle has been improved. Players will now face the direction they were facing when in the vehicle when they get out and will no longer be facing the front of the vehicle;
- The fire, aim, view, etc buttons can now be hidden in settings for PC versions to tidy up the interface;
- Crosshair color customization has been newly added to PC versions. Players can change the crosshair color of unscoped crosshairs, and red-dot, holographic, 2x, 4x, 8x scopes. There is a total of 6 color schemes to choose from;
- Lighting effects in the lobby has been adjusted;
- Optimized the position of name cards on the results interface;
- The pick-up list has been improved. The item list will appear on the left side of the screen when players open their backpack in-game. The interface for controls on the left side of the screen will be optimized;
- When swiping through the pick-up list, the player’s view will no longer be affected;

Rules of Survival

1.0.51 2018-12-01

Season 5 will begin and Season 4 will end after maintenance on 28 Nov. When the new season begins all ranking data related to rank matches as well as current battle stats and historical data will be cleared. Players that participated in rank matches can claim season rewards according to tiers:
Champion: Adv. supply tickets x50, season-exclusive reward - Dragon Warrior set, S4 Master Medallion;
Diamond: Adv. supply tickets x33, season-exclusive reward - Dragon Warrior set, S4 Master Medallion;
Platinum: Adv. supply tickets x25, season-exclusive reward - Dragon Warrior set;
Gold: Adv. supply tickets x16, season-exclusive reward - Dragon Warrior set;
Silver: Adv. supply ticket x8;
Bronze: Adv. supply ticket x5.
The daily S4 Training Points sale will end at the beginning of the new season;
New feature allowing the customization of the color of crosshairs has been added. Players can change the crosshair color of unscoped crosshairs, and red-dot, holographic, 2x, 4x, 8x scopes. There is a total of 6 color schemes to choose from;
G-Launchers have been improved. The trajectory of bolts fired by the crossbow has been adjusted, reducing the drop in descent. The trajectory of grenades fired by the crossbow has been adjusted, the velocity notably increased and the drop in decent reduced. Delayed detonation has also been reduced from 3 to 2 seconds;
The game’s backpack interface has been improved. The size of the button and trigger zone has been enlarged and usability improved. When the backpack is opened, the item pick-up list will be displayed on the left-side of the screen to conveniently pick up items;
Auto pick-up speed has been increased;
Optimized the switch-driver logic in Death Race Mode. Passengers can send a request to change seats with the driver who will receive a prompt. If the driver does not take action before the countdown finishes, seats will be changed automatically after the countdown ends.
The Special Training Mission has been optimized. When tasks have been completed and the reward for said task has been claimed, a ‘Completed’ sign will be displayed;
Repaired an issue where the camera shot goes through walls when players in first-person view are shooting while leaning;
Repaired an issue concerning the adaptation of the Vivo Y83 and Lenovo Z5 phone models;
Repaired an issue where some sprays drop when in battle;
Repaired an issue where the background music for the Future Sight lobby theme couldn’t be turned off;
Repaired an issue where Weekly Special Offer was translated as Weekly Pass in the description for tasks in the Boot Camp.

Rules of Survival

1.0.50 2018-11-27

ROS Ca$h'n Shoot(Beta)mobile Asian Server is now available.
Players can earn points according to scores obtained in matches each evening. The top 10,000 players on weekly points rankings can obtain gold bar rewards.
Gold bars can be used to draw supplies. Also, they can be exchanged for cash. (Cannot be exchanged during test period)
Gold Mode+ game mode has been changed. This week's game mode is Demolition Expert. Large amounts of explosive weapons have been added, including RPG launchers, MGLs, G-Launchers, etc.
Newly added RPG launchers and ACR Rifle on Ghillie Island. Slightly increased the number of RPG launchers on Fearless Fiord.
Newly added a air supply box containing RPG launchers in-game. In addition to RPG launchers and its ammo, the new air supply box will randomly contain one of the following four advanced items, lv. 3 helmet, lv. 3 body armor, ghillie suit or cardio tonic.
Optimized backpack experience. Reduced the coverage of backpacks to allow for a wider visual field. The backpack tabs have been changed to Items and Looks. All in-game items including medicine have been placed in the Item tab. Personal looks can be viewed in the Look tab.
Optimized My Page. Players can go to other players’ My Page by tapping on the drop-down menu after clicking the avatars of other players;
Increased the download speed of photos after going to My Page;
Optimized the distinction portal in the lobby. Newly added the a ‘Hide’ button. Click it to hide the distinction interface and click again to expand. The height of the distinction mission bar will no longer change according to the number of missions;
Optimized login interface. When players log in to the game, the system will automatically choose the server which was selected by last time. Meanwhile, the corresponding character info. will be displayed on the server selection interface.
A tag with a hint has been added to Boot Camp to facilitate the claiming of tasks.
Fixed an issue concerning the new lobby theme - Future Sight where a message appears regarding a purchase limit. Now it will directly go to the VIP interface.
Fixed an issue where some players are unable to complete tasks on level 70 in the Boot Camps drill manual.
Fixed the wrong reward number in the Celebration’s event description.
Repaired an issue where players were brought to the wrong advertisement page when playing H5 mini-game.
Fixed reward abnormalities of some Anniversary Celebration events.
Corrected erroneous translation of discount info. on the Anniversary Celebration interface.

Rules of Survival

1.0.49 2018-11-16

- Able to switch quickly between scopes. When multiple scopes that can be attached to the weapon players are carrying are available, players can now quickly switch between scopes using the hotkey on the battle interface;
- New controls have been added for when the parachute is deployed. Swiping no longer affects the direction, but only changes the camera angle. Use the left thumbstick to move and turn. Players can change parachute controls in settings;
- Added audio cue display that is shown on the minimap. Players can change this display in settings;
- A new interface has been added allowing players to choose between Classic Mode and Assist Mode after a newly created character has completed the tutorial. Players can change controls at any time in settings and can modify each setting individually;
- Improved the auto open door experience. Time needed to open and close doors has been shortened;
- Modified the durability of the riot shield. The maximum durability for lv. 1, 2 and 3 riot shields have been greatly decreased;
- Improved performance after falls from heights. The length of time characters freeze after falls from heights has been decreased. Falls from extreme heights no longer result in characters entering the prone state;
- Optimized the logic causing the attachments of firearms that are replaced or discarded to be dropped. If a weapon with attachments in the current game is discarded, the attachments will be placed in the backpack, but if there is no space, attachments will be discarded;
- The special distinction game mode has been expanded. When the highest level for special distinction has been reached, continual leveling up will trigger the compensation mechanism, which allows players to claim additional training medals. The specific amount of compensation remains the same as previous seasons;
- The journey system now records Blitzkrieg and Custom Room matches;
- Equipped medallions can now be displayed when loudspeakers are used to speak on the global channel;
- A function marking your current position has been added when you enlarge the minimap in battle. A seekbar and slider has been added to the right of the enlarged map, which allows players to change the size of the minimap;
- The lobby portal has been improved by adding dynamic effects to the reveal button;
- Fearless Fiord and Firework Night lobby themes now support the display of the Pegasus Turbo motorbike skins.

Rules of Survival

1.0.48 2018-11-02

- New Auto Sprint function for players to sprint continuously added. Drag the left thumbstick up to the designated area to enable auto sprint. Players can choose the Traditional Mode or Fixed Area Mode in settings;
- The new end date for S4 is Nov. 28. To ensure the speed of players' distinction progress, we will simultaneously be hosting a month-long training points event. Players are able to buy a daily limit of 1 training point (100 gold), 2 training points (500 gold) and 5 training points (100 diamonds);
- Changed the pop-up window message reminding players that they haven't downloaded the iron sights for FPS mode;
- Optimized the displayed effects of figures when they are come into shot of the player's scope;
- Optimized the vaulting mechanics of some narrow windows.
- Optimized hacking detection.
- Modified the position and size of steering buttons for vehicles;
- A reload button has been added to the bottom-right of the battle interface. The original function of the reload button for firearms is unchanged;
- Improved the level of customization for buttons on the battle interface. The number of customizable buttons on the battle interface has increased.
- Fixed the issue of some buildings blocking the trajectory of bullets;
- Fixed an issue where players are sometimes unable to send voice messages after losing connection and reentering the game;
- Solved the compatibility issues of the Huawei Honor;
- Fixed the issue of some players being unable to use gyro sensors;
- Fixed the potential issues that may arise when some players win diamonds at lucky roulette;
- Fixed the issue where some players cannot see custom rooms.

Rules of Survival

1.0.47 2018-10-26

- New automated-door feature added. Players can switch between automated and manual door settings on the left of the open door button. Default setting is manual. When the automated door feature has been activated, doors will open automatically when in close proximity to doors. Doors do not close automatically. Players can change default settings in the Settings menu;
- This week's Gold Mode is Battle of Spear and Shield, which is jampacked with shotguns and shields.
- The First Top-up event has ended. Players can no longer get the First Top-up Reward for the first-time top ups but can still get Monthly Offer Rewards;
- Adjusted the stats of ACR and AR15 rifles: increased the vertical recoil limit and reduced the vertical recoil and horizontal recoil of each shot;
- Adjusted the stats of Vector and PP19 SMGs: increased the vertical recoil limit and reduced the vertical recoil of each shot;
- Optimized the visual effects of DSR-1's night vision.
- Movement speed for characters has been increased slightly;
- Improved vehicle explosion effects. Some vehicles that have been destroyed will continue to burn;
- Improved window vaulting, making it easier to vault narrow windows;
- Modified the UI layout of the lobby. The Events, Welfare, Lucky Carnival and Share icons can still be found in the top-right corner of the screen. The Weekend Rush, Monthly Offers, Amazing, etc icons have been moved to the top-left of the lobby interface. Only three icons will be shown together and the rest hidden. Players need to tap to reveal hidden icons.
- Fixed the disparity in range of visibility between the steam server and PC

Rules of Survival

1.0.46 2018-10-18

- DSR-1 is a new, steady rifle with a low rate of fire and long range. It can be fitted with a magazine and muzzle attachment, and comes with a special thermal imaging scope (cannot be fitted with other types of scopes). The scope makes it easier to discover enemies in your line of sight, but you cannot see enemies behind bunkers;
- Reduced the number of vehicles in the Gold Mode;
- Changed the Distinction access method in the hall. It will now display the details and progress of Distinction missions. Removed the Activity Point access method in the hall. Players can still access it by tapping the Bonus button and opening the Activity Point menu;
- Resolved an issue where the AN94 rifle’s Haverster emotes lead to certain skin models displaying abnormally;
- Resolved display issues with the Huawei Nova 3 phone
- Resolved an issue where the red notification dot would not appear when a Monthly Pass reward was claimable
- Resolved an issue with the button icon for refreshing room names
- Resolved an issue regarding unnecessary content while running the PC version in full-screen mode
- Resolved display issues with the app for the iPhone XS

Rules of Survival

1.0.45 2018-10-12

- Improved sighted fire in Death Race Mode and increased vehicle HP;
- Modified this week's Gold Mode+. Lots of snipers, ghillie suits and smoke grenades have been added.
- The Weekend Rush portal is now a permanent feature, but the event is still only available on the weekend;
- Tap Weekend Rush reward boxes to view contents before they are claimed;
- Fixed an issue where the riot shield is sometimes not visible

Rules of Survival

1.0.44 2018-09-29

- Added level I, II and III riot shields that are different in shape and have varying degrees of durability. Movement speed varies according to the riot shield you are carrying. When the durability of a riot shield reaches 0, the shield will shatter and disappear. Previous riot shields have been removed;
- S3 has ended and S4 has begun. Open S4 training manuals and complete tasks to earn training points used to level up. When you upgrade your training level you can claim corresponding special training distinction rewards. Purchase special distinctions to receive even more amazing distinction rewards;
- When the new season begins all ranking data related to rank matches as well as current battle stats and historical data will be cleared. Players that participated in rank matches can claim season rewards according to tiers.
- Repaired an issue where the game would quit unexpectedly when players select 'take photo' on the customer service tab
- Repaired an issue concerning the remodeling of the Santa hairstyle

Rules of Survival

1.0.43 2018-09-22

- Gold mode has been upgraded to include new game modes available each week. This week lots of heavy weapons, such as crossbows, grenades, RPGs, grenade launchers will be added;
- Stat modifications for some vehicles in ranked games: Truck HP has been decreased; max. turning radius of sports cars has been fine tuned;
- Repaired an issue where the icon and text description for Lucky Carnival were inaccurate;
- Repaired an issue where the amount of diamonds won were not visible due to long player names;
- Repaired an issue concerning badges for top seeded countries in the World Arena tournament (the stats and rank badges for seeded countries were shown instead);
- Repaired an issue where notification dots no longer appeared when personalized packs were refreshed after the portal icon was updated;
- A notice has been added to game versions that do not support the spray paint mechanism notifying players that it cannot be used.

Rules of Survival

1.0.42 2018-09-13

- The new weapon Kar98k is a sniper rifle with a 5-round clip that can be equipped with a muzzle and a stock. The Kar98k is a a bolt-action rifle that fires single shots and deals heavy-damage head shots;
- Relationship feature now available: Players can click on their avatar in the lobby and go to 'Relationship' to open the menu and choose their intimate friends.
- Improved anti-hack detection;
- Optimized workshop interface performance;
- Optimized the effects of the intimate relationship medallion;

Rules of Survival

1.0.41 2018-09-06

- A new version of Wheel of Fortune with twice the chance of winning prizes! Players can exchange rewards they are unsatisfied with for diamonds and register for the new Lucky Event, Diamond Bonanza (max. jackpot is 100 million diamonds).
- The chat function for the custom room has been restored;
- Fixed an issue where the view for players in the prone position would sometimes be the view for the standing position.
- Fixed an issue where players are sometimes unable to enter first-person view.
- Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash.
- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the game to quit unexpectedly when using the loudspeaker;
- Fixed an issue where wearing a baseball cap will cause characters in third-person view to appear bald;
- Fixed an issue where the direction of muzzles and crosshairs are not aligned;

Rules of Survival

1.0.40 2018-08-30

- Weapon Balancing: Increased the single-shot damage of PP19 and Vector; Increased the single-shot damage of AN94, reduced its mid-range attenuation coefficient damage and increased its long-range attenuation coefficient damage (higher attenuation coefficient equals lower damage).
- Friends in your friend list will be ordered according to intimacy in descending order.
- Optimized the item list in Death Race Mode.
- Added special quick-use commands to Death Race Mode.
- Added shared cooldown for some items in Death Race Mode. After a team member uses an item, no member of the team may use that item while it is on cooldown; attempting to do so will have no effect and a prompt will pop up.
- Optimized the trumpet function: Greatly increased the time that the trumpet is displayed in the hall.
- Suitable for the Huawei Nova 3 and Oppo A5 phone models;
- Enhanced the trajectory effects for the RPG Rocket Tube and the grenade;
- Fixed an issue where AMD Graphic Cards would cause issues in the PC version.
- Fixed a possible recoil issue.
- Repaired an issue with the looks from the 'Butler' set where a gap was present between the neck and body of avatars;

Rules of Survival

1.0.39 2018-08-23

- New this week: Relationship points. When players team up with friends and battle, they can accumulate relationship points. Relationship activities have also become available. When you reach a certain number of relationship points with your friend, you can claim rewards such as avatar frames and limited-time costumes;
- The #cFF9900Pick'em game mode#n has been added to the competition interface. Players can use gold or diamonds to guess the results of World Arena matches. Players who guess correctly will receive lots of gold or diamonds!
- Go watch Fuzzinator dance on the Fearless Fiord map!
- Special events for Chinese Valentine's Day will be available from Aug 22 - Aug 29, include:
1. Intimate couple: during the event, players can form a couple with a friend;
2. Special connection: during the event, players can team up with their significant other to win rewards;
3. Assist kitty: Share the event during the Chinese Valentine's event to claim the exclusive Fuzzinator (1 day) and celebrate the day together.
Notes: Fuzzinator can only be used during this event. Remember to use it.
- Optimized display effects for objects in the distance;
- Optimized action effects during combat.
- Fixed the issue where grenades occasionally pass through walls;
- Fixed the issue where certain phone models do not display the glass in buildings;
- Fixed the issue of certain firearms having no recoil;
- Fixed the issue where players in some countries cannot top up.
- Fixed a bug where sports cars cannot be upgraded in the workshop.
- Fixed the issue where the sound effects are missing when holding the shield.

Rules of Survival

1.0.38 2018-08-17

- Shotgun damage increased: Single shot damage increased for the M870,M1887, and AA12;
- Grenades can break through glass and continue its trajectory;
- The custom room has been optimized;
- Optimized the way in which item information is stored.
- Optimized battle results, player information, information interface and the app icon badge;
- The theme interface has been moved to the looks interface;
- Some devices do not support the sending of text messages during battles (need to re-download game)
- Glass is not displayed normally on some devices;
- Repaired a bug that affects the battle jeep in Death Race Mode where players are unable to take weapons from the trunk and weapons disappear when they switch to the middle seat;
- Repaired an issue where shared event boxes occasionally cannot be opened;
- Repaired a bug where the player is brought to the parachute tab regardless of the type of new time they acquire in the inventory.

Rules of Survival

1.0.37 2018-08-02

- New Crossbow Attachment - Grenade Launcher. When fitted with this attachment, the crossbow will shoot grenades that explode upon impact. Most in-game throwables can be launched using the crossbow, but their velocity will be decreased and descent will quicken. Throwables are attached by default.
- Players using old game packs will receive update reminders when logging in and can update the game according to said reminders. You may not be able to match with other players if you do not update;
- Melee weapons are automatically sheathed when players enter the water and begin swimming. Players can only attack with their fists when swimming;
- Adjusted the drop rate of crossbows and arrows. Firecracker grenades are now available.
- Optimized the special effects of bullets hitting riot shields;
- Optimized Gold Mode event icons;
- Repaired the problem of MP5 stock attachments not appearing on the Ghillie Island map;
- Repaired the problem of players in certain regions being unable to download FPS Mode and the 8K Map;
- Repaired the problem of some devices being unable to upload profile pics in Seek;
- Repaired the problem of in-game characters disappearing in games played on certain phones models.

Rules of Survival

1.0.36 2018-07-27

- New melee weapon added, the Riot Shield. Players have a chance to get the riot shield from airdrops. They are used to deflect damage caused by bullets, but players carrying riot shields cannot vault walls or lie prone. Also, carrying a shield will slow your sprint speed.
- Added a speaker function for chat. Players can use the speaker to broadcast on the world channel, which Players can see in the lobby.
- Firearm properties have been modified. For a more balanced user experience the following changes have been made to firearms this week: Increased firing speed for the M4A1; increased damage for the M14EBR; increased the damage and firing speed for the AN94; increased the spread of the AKM;
- Modified the number of firearms scattered around the map in each game mode;
- Vehicle properties have been modified: Increased the top speed of trucks;
- Players firing from within a vehicle in all game modes will not cause damage to the vehicle they are traveling in.
- Repair kits used in Death Race Mode will display the estimated HP of vehicles after repair;
- Reduce the chances of dusk being used as the weather condition for ranked games.
- Improved hack detection.
- Fixed a bug affecting profile pictures uploaded in Personal Space. Screen shots didn't match up with the end product;
- Repaired lag in the game caused by personalized packs in the new version of the game using old data;
- Vehicles used on the PC version can be used as shelter has been repaired;
- Repaired a bug that caused the game to lag when receiving multiple friend requests for players with a substantial number of friends.
- Fixed bug that caused no recoil when firing.
- Fixed a dragging problem that occurs within the friend list causing the list to reset.
- Fixed bug that resulted in Players being unable to unfragement clothes.

Rules of Survival

1.0.35 2018-07-19

- New weapon: Crossbow
- New "Item Guide" tag added to the Death Race Mode prep zone;
- Optimized the sound effects for Death Race Mode items;
- Optimized the statistical methods for obtaining materials in combat;
- Optimized the sound of footsteps;
- Optimized friend list updates;
- Optimized the speed of checking patches when entering the game;
- Replaced the sound effects for materials hit in Death Race Mode;
- Increased grenade velocity when fired and reduced the effects of gravity;
- Sound effects of when helicopters collide added.

Rules of Survival

1.0.34 2018-07-12

- Added independent rankings for Death Race Mode;
- Optimized Death Race Mode effects;
- Optimized item box effects in Death Race Mode;
- Added sound effects for helicopter and vehicle collisions in Death Race Mode;
- Adjusted the trajectory and increased the launch speed of grenades;
- Added a function to preview lobby themes;

Rules of Survival

1.0.33 2018-07-05

- Character's level up experience has been added to Daily Activity Rewards;
- Added a feature to reposition your vehicle if your vehicle is stuck for a long time. A "Reposition" button will pop up should this happen;
- Added new Death Race Mode content in Journey;
- Obtained items can now be displayed in Chat;
- Fixed a bug where the game does not display properly on some iPhone X devices;
- Resolved issue preventing players from joining the Lucky Carnival when it appears after you refresh the page;

Rules of Survival

1.0.32 2018-06-28

- Added a Death Race game mode. Players need to download and install the latest installation package before they can access the new mode. This mode can accommodate up to 15 teams of 4 players each. The captain can choose any suitable vehicle from a roadster, battle jeep, off-road car and a pickup. Each team drives the same car. Players need to make full use of the setting and resources available as they race freely and do battle on Ghillie Island. The last team standing wins the game.
- S2 has officially ended, and S3 has begun. Unlock the S3 Special Training Manual and complete the special training missions for special training points. Advance the training level to receive the corresponding special training reward. Unlock the distinction order to receive more bonus distinction orders as rewards;

Rules of Survival

1.0.31 2018-06-21

- Added an item, More Friends Card. Players can buy this from the gift pack page of the Store, and use it to increase the upper limit for friends by 30. Each player can buy up to 10 More Friends Cards;
- Monthly offers will be updated after maintenance on June, 19-20 (actual dates may vary with time zone). Watch out for the Shadow Panther!

Rules of Survival

1.0.30 2018-06-14

- Spray paint content added. Players now can purchase sprays from the store and preselect up to 3 sprays at 'Looks - Warehouse - Spray', which are displayed in throwables. Players can tag anything in the game with their pre-selected sprays!
- The Lobby now supports the display of vehicle skins. The School Campus theme supports the Night Shadow series, while the Fearless Fiord themes support the Phoenix serious (motorcycle).
- The Mercenary Lobby's UI has been updated and a filter for mercenaries has been added.

Rules of Survival

1.0.29 2018-06-07

- The new Lucky Carnival is here! Spend diamonds to receive amazing prizes in a lucky dip! Players also have a chance of triggering lucky events for even greater surprises.
- Players and their Facebook friends on the same server can now see each other on their 'Friends' list.
- Top-up bonus available for a limited period of time. During this period, players can claim an additional reward after topping up by any amount FIVE times.

Rules of Survival

1.0.28 2018-05-31

- Added a Diamond Mode. This mode is only available at specific times every week. Players bring diamonds to participate in the battles directly, and can immediately seize the diamonds of the players they have killed.
- Optimized the action for tilting the head (in droids).
- For rankings, National Rankings for players will be displayed first.
- Optimized the performance adjustment for different picture quality.

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