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Welcome to the brand new RULES OF SURVIVAL arena, where the deathmatch has now been raised to a thrilling epic scale! This is a Battle Royale game now played by over 100 million people worldwide.

May we present you with a fully upgraded new 8x8 km map that allows 300 players to battle on a wide variety of terrains. Only one will survive!

Beware, your safe zone is shrinking! So collect scattered weapons, arm yourself to the teeth, and wield your tactics like no other.

Alert !!! It is not just any survival game. You will re-write the RULES OF SURVIVAL!
Come embark on a world-class battle royale NOW!

【Game Feature】
Run or Fight!
- Absolute fair play in a massive HD map.
Last Man Standing!
- Solo or team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle.
Pick up and Use!
-Wide variety of firearms and accessories.
Fast and Furious!
- Drive vehicles across different terrains.

Click “Help” in-game to contact us if you need help.

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  • Publisher NetEase Games
  • Category Games
  • Release 2017-11-14
  • Update 2018-06-21
  • Bundle ID com.netease.chiji
  • Version 1.0.31
  • Size 1.22 GB
  • Support Website
  • Language Simplified Chinese
  • Rating 17+
Icon & Title Version Update Release Note

Rules of Survival

1.0.31 2018-06-21

- Added an item, More Friends Card. Players can buy this from the gift pack page of the Store, and use it to increase the upper limit for friends by 30. Each player can buy up to 10 More Friends Cards;
- Monthly offers will be updated after maintenance on June, 19-20 (actual dates may vary with time zone). Watch out for the Shadow Panther!

Rules of Survival

1.0.30 2018-06-14

- Spray paint content added. Players now can purchase sprays from the store and preselect up to 3 sprays at 'Looks - Warehouse - Spray', which are displayed in throwables. Players can tag anything in the game with their pre-selected sprays!
- The Lobby now supports the display of vehicle skins. The School Campus theme supports the Night Shadow series, while the Fearless Fiord themes support the Phoenix serious (motorcycle).
- The Mercenary Lobby's UI has been updated and a filter for mercenaries has been added.

Rules of Survival

1.0.29 2018-06-07

- The new Lucky Carnival is here! Spend diamonds to receive amazing prizes in a lucky dip! Players also have a chance of triggering lucky events for even greater surprises.
- Players and their Facebook friends on the same server can now see each other on their 'Friends' list.
- Top-up bonus available for a limited period of time. During this period, players can claim an additional reward after topping up by any amount FIVE times.

Rules of Survival

1.0.28 2018-05-31

- Added a Diamond Mode. This mode is only available at specific times every week. Players bring diamonds to participate in the battles directly, and can immediately seize the diamonds of the players they have killed.
- Optimized the action for tilting the head (in droids).
- For rankings, National Rankings for players will be displayed first.
- Optimized the performance adjustment for different picture quality.

Rules of Survival

1.0.27 2018-05-24

- Added a class gameplay where a player can choose to play the game as a human or support droid in the Fireteam mode of the ranked games. The opening hours are 18:00-22:00, Saturday and Sunday (based on the server time). The capability of a human professional is consistent with what is in the normal ranked games. The "Support Droid" is a robot that provides assistance. It cannot use equipment and items intended for humans. It is also not able to attack, crouch, lie down or drive any vehicle. Its default backpack space is the same as that of the most advanced human backpack. It will gradually restore its HP level over time when nobody attacks it. In addition, it has 1 passive skill and 3 active skills:
- The lobby theme, "School Campus", now supports the display of more sports car skins.
- Moved every item in the item section of the Looks page to the warehouse section.

Rules of Survival

1.0.26 2018-05-17

- The 'Monthly Offers' is here! Top up any amount any time during the event to receive fantastic rewards including exclusive Crimson Viper look.
- Optimized operations in the full view mode.
- Fixed the issue of Twitch streams occasionnally crashing when using iOS 11.3

Rules of Survival

1.0.25 2018-05-11

- Optimized matchmaking so that although it may take longer, players of similar levels can more easily be matched.
- Added an option where you can adjust the individual sensitivity of the first-person view in "Settings".
- The button used to switch between first- and third-person view now has custom settings.
- You will now exit a vehicle from the side you were sitting in (for example, if you were seated on the right you will exit from the right side).

Rules of Survival

1.0.24 2018-05-03

- New classic supply: Tuk tuk camos are now available. Players can collect them from classic supply boxes and upgrade them in the workshop.
- Updated firearms: The new AR15 camo, Poison Sting has been added.
- Updated advanced supplies: The Beat Runner set has been removed and the Special Forces set added.
- New discounts: Offers on the Freedom Fighter and Street Dunk looks added.

Rules of Survival

1.0.23 2018-04-28

- Added a Bumper Pack. Each player is entitled to buy only once in the game. Hurry, huge rewards waiting for you!
- Training Manual feature added. Training manuals are linked to a particular season and is only valid during that season.
- The training manual contains a claimable special pack that contains look shards for exclusive suits and stickers.
- Characters now retract their weapons when close to walls;

Rules of Survival

1.0.22 2018-04-19

- First person view added. Players can freely change between first and third person views after downloading first person resources.
- Added country-based rankings.
- The World Arena game mode is finally here. Players from the same country can team up to battle and defeat opponents from other countries. Glory and honor to the homeland! (Available from Apr. 18; Season 1 begins April 23)
- Live broadcast function is now available. Players can watch live streams online, as well as exciting performances by teams competing at the World Arena.

Rules of Survival

1.0.21 2018-04-12

- The Water Sprinkling Festival event continues. Complete missions to receive gold and Elite Supply Tickets;
- Firearm skins inspired by the Water Sprinkling Festival, such as the M1887- Sea Spirit, and AR15- Sea Spirit are now available online;
- Added a Journey system. Players can tap on the Journey tab in Stats to view details of their past games;

Rules of Survival

1.0.20 2018-04-05

-The Water-Sprinkling Festival mission now available for a limited period of time! Complete this mission to receive gold and Elite Supply Tickets;
-Water-themed paint jobs for firearms are now available. With this paint job players can join in on the festivities;
-The M32 grenade gun, a primary weapon, has been added. Available now in airdrops;
-WM is no longer available in airdrops, but players are still able to pick up this item in the game;
-Added Damascus Knife, a cool new weapon that players can pick up in the game;
-Added new arena rankings and arena results page for Gold Mode;
-Added a share function to rankings;

Rules of Survival

1.0.19 2018-03-29

-Two saturation display settings have been added to the settings interface, "Standard" and "Vivid."
-Ranking points now available in Blitzkrieg Mode, which are compiled in Solo Mode.
-Music added at the end of the game for players that rank 2-5.
-Optimized the sound effects of vehicle horns.
-Optimized the Red Packet feature by reducing positioning errors when they are thrown from the second floor.
-Optimized the labels on the Looks and Store pages.
-Optimized the layout of the Settings page.
-Fixed the incoherent body movements of characters when they stand up from the prone position.

Rules of Survival

1.0.18 2018-03-24

- Blitzkrieg Mode option added for battles. Available only in Solo Mode on the Fearless Fiord map, and is limited to 40 players per round. Each game generally lasts less than 10 minutes.
- Friends Rankings added.
- Added sort and filter options on the Looks and Store interfaces.
- Optimized matching algorithm to improve matching speed and corrected the method used to calculate the total number of players waiting for a match to exclude players who are currently in the Prep Zone.
- Resolved issues concerning freezing and memory.
- Lean button is concealed when the player is crawling.
- Optimized vehicle handling by increasing the differentiation between forward and reverse driving, and the friction coefficient of tires on different types of terrain.
- Optimized the action of jumping through windows. The character will now leap rather than standing erect when jumping out of windows of a high-rise buildings.
- Optimized the sound and button effects for the add friends and mail systems.
- Optimized system mail.

Rules of Survival

1.0.17 2018-03-16

- Players can now vault through windows.
- Increased the max. number of players to 160 for Fireteam Mode in Fearless Fiord.
- Increased the maximum visible range of characters in Fearless Fiord. Maximum visible range is modified in settings. Default setting is highest value.
- During free fall, after exiting the glider, players can choose the opportune moment to deploy their parachute.
- Increased image quality of the points at which trees meet game models to accurately stop bullets.
- Optimized the handling of sports cars, SUVs, trucks, and battle jeeps.
- Optimized the camera angle during free fall.
- Pickup list now displays the quantity of items.
- Time in the Prep Zone has been changed to 80 seconds.
- Memory optimized in five areas.

Rules of Survival

1.0.16 2018-03-13

- Added "Scan to Add Friend" and "Find Friends Nearby" for players to easily add friends around.
- Added a scope function to the gyro in the mobile version.
- Added actions when the SMG is used.
- Added WRO, QBU88, AN94, and VECTOR drops in Ghillie Island, as well as M1887, Thompson, and M14EBR drops in Fearless Fiord.
- Added a new vehicle, Battle Jeep, in Ghillie Island.
- Added a guide at the login interface to help player file an appeal after a penalty has been imposed on the player.
- Closed the Zombie mode.

Rules of Survival

1.0.15 2018-03-01

-Added a new vehicle Battle Jeep that can hold up to 5 players. Players in particular seats can shoot with Vehicle-mounted MG using rifle ammo.
-Now players can shoot and jump during glider flights. Players in particular seats can shoot with Gilder-mounted MG using rifle ammo.
-Now players can view their opponents' information after being killed.
-New classic supplies where you may draw the Rosy Comet, a highly prized vehicle.

Rules of Survival

1.0.14 2018-02-14

In Fearless Fiord Solo Mode, there will now be two cargo planes that each carry 150 players. Each plane will travel in different directions from each other every round.
Players can now loot the AUG firearm from supply drops.
Added a new national chat channel. Players of the same nationality can use this channel to chat with each other.
Added the option to toggle the "vibration alert upon successful matchmaking" function on/off in the Settings menu.
The limited-time Wedding Gown exchange event has ended.
Improved the choke recoil reduction effect on the WRO Shotgun.
The M14EBR can now be looted on Ghillie Island. It will no longer appear in supply drops.
Improved collision effects in faraway buildings on Ghillie Island. Fixed a bug where bullets would travel through the walls of faraway buildings.

Rules of Survival

1.0.13 2018-02-12

Added a brand new map - Fearless Fiord!
Added a 300-player Solo mode to the new map Fearless Fiord, as well as a 120-player Squad Mode.
Added ziplines to some areas in Fearless Fiord. Players can use the zipline for easy, high-speed movement.
Fearless Fiord will include the following new firearms: ACR, AN94, VECTOR, MP5, P90, QBU88, M110, SAIGA-12, and WRO.
Added the new weapon RPG to Fearless Fiord.
Added a new hovercraft vehicle to Fearless Fiord that can travel on both water and land. It can hold up to 5 players.
Added a truck, a new land vehicle which can hold up to 6 players, to Fearless Fiord. It can hold up to 6 players.
Added a new gold coin arena.
The Valentine's Day event has begun!
Added an underwater breathing function.
Added vehicle camo.

Rules of Survival

1.0.12 2018-02-08

Added a brand new map - Fearless Fiord!
Added a 300-player Solo mode to the new map Fearless Fiord, as well as a 120-player Squad Mode.
Added ziplines to some areas in Fearless Fiord. Players can use the zipline for easy, high-speed movement.
Fearless Fiord will include the following new firearms: ACR, AN94, VECTOR, MP5, P90, QBU88, M110, SAIGA-12, and WRO.
Added the new weapon RPG to Fearless Fiord.
Added a new hovercraft vehicle to Fearless Fiord that can travel on both water and land. It can hold up to 5 players.
Added a truck, a new land vehicle which can hold up to 6 players, to Fearless Fiord. It can hold up to 6 players.
Added a new gold coin arena.
The Valentine's Day event has begun!
Added an underwater breathing function.
Added vehicle camo.

Rules of Survival

1.0.11 2018-02-02

-Added Facial Accessory items.
-Routine update of store's clothing inventory. Added Hazmat Set, Cowboy Hat, and M4A1 Blood Oath Camo. Also added a new Seasonal Pack and Echo Valley Champion Pack. -Added a new Weekly Fashion Pack to the store, which will cost 20 diamonds. Potential drops include 200 Gold, Regular Supply Tickets, M4A1 Honor (Legendary), Champ Eye Patch (Legendary), Champ - Face, Champ - Hairstyle, Pumpkin Head, Cowboy Hat, Bear Parachute and Postie Set. Repeat items from the Fashion Pack can be converted into shards whose quality will be lower than shards of the same rarity.
-Updated advanced supplies.
-Updated regular supplies, added a new Hip-Hop set.
-The limited-time White Lovers event has now begun! Players that own any Colorful Lovers pieces (including Tops and Bottoms) can go to the Benefits and collect a Bonus White Lovers Set.
-Updated Top-Up Bonus: Now, if players top up a certain amount, they will receive the #cFF9900Echo Valley Champion Set#n for free.
-Updated the 10 Diamonds Sale event. Removed the Windbreaker Set and added the Firefighter Set.
-Added a new Surprise Pack to the Weekly Pack. Players will still potentially loot clothing or Supply Tickets, but now also have the chance to get the Hazmat Mask (Legendary)!
-Added a new "Number of spectators" indicator to the post-death game observation interface.

Rules of Survival

1.0.10 2018-01-25

-Added the ability for players to aim and fire their weapons while sitting in the passenger seats of boats, sports cars, and SUVs.
-Added a new Fireteam Mode.
-Added a high frame rate mode. It is off by default, but players can choose to activate it in the Settings menu.
-Created a brand new lobby and main menu interface.
-Added Free Boxes.
-Rename feature now available. In the Stats interface, players can change their names. Please note that this feature can only be used once a month, so think carefully when choosing a new name.
-Added Simple Mode for players with mobile devices that do not support grass graphics. While queuing for a match, these players and their teammates will be automatically placed into this mode. Players in the queue with compatible devices that support grass graphics will not be placed into Simple Mode. However, those in Simple Mode with compatible devices will continue to see grass. In this mode, players will still earn rewards as they would in Normal mode.
-Increased the chance of finding a #cFF9900Ghillie Suit#n in supply drops.
-Added new backpack looks.
-Added two new limited packs. One of the packs will refresh every week to contain new items, while the other will refresh every month.
-Added a new tab to the Looks interface dedicated to Advanced Look Shards. Items that can be purchased using Candy Canes and Advanced Look Shards have been moved over to this tab.
-Added separate tabs within the discount store for gift packs and clothing. Now, players can directly tap on the left tabs to specifically browse gift pack and clothing options.
-Updated advanced supplies.
-Routine update of store's clothing inventory.

Rules of Survival

1.0.9 2018-01-18

1. New Features
- Added national flags. Now players can select flags to represent their nation in the settings.
- Lean Left and Lean Right. Players can enable Lean in the Operation settings tab and adjust each button's position, size and transparency in the Custom tab.
- Added Chicken Grenades. Compared to regular grenades, they cause higher damage in a wider scope and have special explosion effects.
- Added 2 more ways to gain Tokens. Players can earn Tokens via sharing a look (once daily) or ranking first in any mode (once daily).
- Added new items to the Token Store and improved the Token Store's purchase limit rules.
- Added Elite Supply Boxes, a new type of supply to obtain advanced looks (including firearm camos). Players can obtain Butler Set pieces via Elite Supply Boxes.
- A special winter event Down Coat sale is now on. Get great discounts on down coats to keep you warm this winter. On sale for a limited time only.
- Discount Store now has two tabs: Packs and Looks. Both tabs will have regular updates.
- Updated advanced supplies. Removed Punk and Dark Rose Sets from the advanced supplies, added Pure Preppy and Plaid Preppy Sets.

2. Gameplay
- Added more boat spawn points by the banks of the island.
- Adjusted seating capacity of some vehicles. SUV and Cars: Increased to 5 players, respectively. Three-wheeler: Increased to 11 players.
- Increased the throwing distance of throwable items. Fixed the bug that the throwables did not deal damage to vehicles.
- Optimized the Spectate feature. Now players can spectate the opponents who killed them.

3. General:
- Increased the time the game runs in your devices background before disconnecting.
- Fixed various problems caused by Auto Pilot.

4. Audio and Visual Effects
- Slightly decreased the definition of cores left by eliminated players.
- Updated the image of pistol ammo (it used the same image as SMG ammo before).
- Optimized special effects of the napalm.

5. UI
- Added customization options for Backpacks, Meds and Throwables in the Custom settings tab.
- Optimized the display of teammate markers on the map. Now the number and status markers of teammates are displayed more explicitly.
- Optimized the Store and Looks interfaces.
- Increased the limit of friends requests.
- Optimized the Team-up Request feature.
- Optimized characters' random poses in the lobby.

6. PC Version:
- Players now can not only log in but also pay via scanning a QR code.

7. Bug Fixes
- Fixed the bug that some players encountered module loading errors and had invisible collisions.
- Fixed that bug that sometimes bulletproof helmets could not be displayed after players took off their headwear.
- Fixed the bug that explosion effects of flash grenades would not be blocked by in-game modules.
- Fixed the bug that some meds were repeatedly displayed in the shortcut of Meds.
- Fixed the bug that the actual number of some throwables did not decrease after being used.
- Fixed the bug that the meds being used blocked the sight of scope.

Rules of Survival

1.0.8 2018-01-11

1. New Features
- Added firearm camo feature. Players can change different camos for their firearms under the Looks interface. Firearms picked up in battle will be automatically changed to the set camos. Camos do not influence anything but the look of the firearms.
- Added a new look, Bunny Girl and two firearm random camo packs to the store.
- Optimized the Looks interface. Players can now directly spend regular Look Shards, advanced Look Shards or diamonds to purchase looks.
- Added Token Store feature. Players can share the game daily to gain tokens. Tokens can be used to exchange for gold, limited looks and other items in the store. The Token Store will offer more items in future updates.
- Added Advanced Supply Box. Players have a chance to gain a special Punk Set via opening advanced supply boxes. Special sets are only obtainable via advanced supply boxes or combining advanced Look Shards.
- Added a team-up request feature. Players can send team-up requests in the Team Channel to find other players to join forces with.
- Added Spectate feature in the Battle Result interface. Players can spectate after all team members have been killed.

2. Gameplay
- Added special audio cues for zombies.
- Zombies are now able to gain a wider scope of audio cues.

3. Audio and Visual Effects
- Added a new action of bicycle passengers. The passenger on the back sits sideways and hugs the one on the front.
- Xmas supplies will no longer appear in-game, including Xmas apples, Xmas candies and Xmas hats.
- Added a sound effect when bullets zip past players.
- Optimized the sound effects of zombies.
- Changed the BGM before players parachute onto the battlefield.

4. UI
- Improved visual effects of the tactical map.
- Optimized the display logic of meds. Now the meds displayed will be adjusted according to the player' HP.
- Details are now displayed after converting duplicate looks.
- Characters now make random poses when trying on looks in the store.
- Updated the Share Look feature. Now the picture shared indicates types of the looks (Headwear, top, bottoms, etc.).
- The remaining validity time of Weekly and Monthly Passes is now displayed.
- The name of the vehicle is now displayed when a player is killed by a vehicle.

Rules of Survival

1.0.7 2018-01-08

1. General:
-Optimized character movement and surface performance consumption.
-Released a patch for newly-discovered x-ray hack.

2. New Content:
New vehicle - Speedboat! Players can now ride atop the sea straight into the battlefield!
New throwable item - Molotov Cocktail! This item can be looted on the battlefield. The ground on which the item is thrown will erupt into flames, and players within the scope of the fire will take continuous burn damage. After some time, the fire will automatically extinguish.
-Updated the bicycle. A back seat has been added, so that now up to 2 players can ride it.
-Added a new "Stat" page to the Data section. Here, players can examine their detailed rank information as well as in-game performance statistics.
Added new items: Weekly Pass and Monthly Pass.
-Added more clothes to the discount store, including some new outfits and packs.
-Added a push to talk button to the team-up menu in the lobby.
-Added a special matchmaking mode - Simple Mode! Some players have mobile devices that do not support grass graphics. These players and their teammates will instead be automatically placed into this mode, in which there is no grass. Players in this mode will still earn the same rewards (rank points and gold) as before.

3. Gameplay:
-Removed the M14EBR's automatic fire mode and replaced it with a 3-round burst mode.
-The zombies in Zombie Mode now have new abilities. Added balance adjustments to zombie HP and attack damage.
-Added a new setting that will cause players' devices to vibrate when their character is taking damage in-game. This option can be activated in the Settings menu.
-When a player's character dies, the camera will now stay in the location of death.
-Optimized vehicle collision effects. Vehicles will now provide more physically accurate protection from bullets.

4. Sound Effects:
-Improved the tapping sound effect in lobby, store, and other interfaces.

5. UI:
-Improved the item durability indicator within the combat interface.
-Optimized the ranks and made them easier to be understood.
-Added a mark of mode in the Battle Result interface.

6. PC Version:
-When players are laying prone, they can tap the jump button to directly stand back up.

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